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To join the CAx-IF interoperability testing forum, the following requirements need to be met:

  • Have at least a prototype STEP translator, i.e., an implementation of a preprocessor (STEP Export) and/or a postprocessor (STEP import) based on either AP209 Edition 2 or AP242.

  • Have public Internet access - all exchanging of files and results is done via the web. E-mail is used extensively for issue discussion and communication of statistics.

  • Sign a nondisclosure agreement - This agreement states that neither we (AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip) nor you (the participant) will release/publish/discuss any vendor-specific results from the testing. It is this agreement that has led to the unprecedented cooperation among CAx vendors in the forum.

  • Either be an AFNeT, a PDES, Inc. OR a prostep ivip member.

  • Attend scheduled CAx Implementor Forum meetings (four per year), where we discuss testing results, identify issues, and develop resolutions (these meetings alternate between the U.S. in spring and fall, and Europe in summer and winter).

  • Participate in conference calls (approximately four per year).

  • Actively collaborate in STEP Interoperability Testing.

For more information on CAx Implementor Forum, send email to:

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